Meet Ko Zaw Lwin Oo, Bamboo Lover & Producer

Naked Bamboo spire

Naked Bamboo at it’s best! Created by Zaw Lwin Oo

The Bamboo Lovers Association of Myanmar for the first time exhibited in September at the Furniture Expo taking place in Yangon.  I met up with Ko Zaw Lwin Oo who became fascinated with bamboo when he lived for some years in Shan State.  In year 1996 he started working with bamboo for the base of lacquer ware products and in 2005 decided the beauty of naked bamboo needed to be show cased without lacquer coating.

Zaw Lwin Oo creates funtional bamboo pieces too

Zaw Lwin Oo creates functional bamboo pieces too

He now produces many different products ranging from lamps, with the base and lamp shade all from bamboo, to trays and bamboo business card holders.

One great commercial success he had this year selling at Pagoda festivals in Mon State was a mobile phone rest which looks like a mini rocking chair.  His latest innovative product is a bamboo mobile phone cover which I instantly desired and placed orders for.

Calling home never looked so good

Calling home never looked so good


Let the natural beauty shine through

Let the natural beauty shine through

Zaw Lwin Oo  has 6 staff and his business supports 4 other households in his Bagan home town.  Although his lacquer line attained success from 2010 Visit Myanmar Year, Ko Zaw Lwin Oo is still struggling to have his bamboo line selling well.

The key challenges he faces are marketing know-how and support.   He also frets over increasing production costs and shrinking margins.


Should you wish to contact Zaw Lwin Oo to place orders you can either contact us at Myanmar Naturally or go direct to, phone 09402500227, 09782500227

We are projecting that the mobile phone case will be a hot item!

To join the Bamboo Lovers Network click here:

Find them on facebook at the above link!

Find them on facebook at the above link!


Article contributed by CB, Bamboo Lover